Association of Amorphologyologists

Morphology: The study of the shape and form of plants and animals.

Amorphous:  The absence of form.

Amorphology: The study of formlessness. Amorphologists seek to define, moreover to describe future events.

Amorphologyology: The study of the behavior of amorphologists.

 Amorphologyologists are said to believe that amorphologism is unrealistic and are opposed to their unrealistic attempts to control future events. The practice of amorphologyologism seeks to confine the role of those who would add form to formlessness to the more realistic practice of encouraging new ideas to be given at least a temporary life.


One thought on “Association of Amorphologyologists

  1. Curious Abner

    Curious Abner licked a toad; at least he thought it so.
    For a moment or so it looked like a toad, from head to warty toe.
    “However” he said, “I’m not so sure, for time seemed awfully slow…. whatever it was that I did lick, I’m not sure that I know.”
    He pondered a moment and then, “Aha, perhaps it was a stool, upon which sat a warty toad and made me such a fool.
    “ ‘Twas the shape” said he “of which I’m not, so sure I’ll ever know….but lick I did and shape be damned, I think it’s time to go.”
    Ab up and left; so there you are. Formless.

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