The Next Thing: Now you see it, now you don’t.

I have a friend who talks a lot about doing the next right thing. When he makes these kinds of statements I wonder how he knows whether the next thing is after all, the right thing. Personally, being a recovering perfectionist I suspect that he means the next Perfect thing, but then I ask myself, “Why am I bothered by this?” I often miss out on the fun of life, the adventures, the mistakes, the corrections and the successes that come (oh yeah) by taking the risks.

My belief is that the next thing is the best thing, that the ugliness in life comes from dragging our feet; second guessing ourselves. There was an interesting piece today in Seth’s Blog. I’ll end this post with a quote from Seth’s post today. Seth Grodin and I often think about the same kinds of things and this being my favorite subject, I was happy to see his thoughts on the matter.

Tomorrow morning I am going on a business trip around the many climed State of Arizona, working my way from the desert floor up through the mountains to Utah and back. I started with a 300 mile itinerary and 4 stops. It is multiplying and I haven’t even begun. So far it is 760 miles and eleven stops. I made the decision a week ago. One day of indecision and six days of planning, talking to people, researching, printing, mapping…..  That which was an ambiguous glimmer of an idea a week ago is now a number of exciting possibilities which will begin the shape shifting routine in earnest at 4 a.m.  tomorrow.

 If you’re not willing to face the abyss of choice, you will almost certainly not spend enough time dancing with opportunity. Seth Godin.


One thought on “The Next Thing: Now you see it, now you don’t.

  1. LEE, your post is helpful as I start this week procrastinating the many things I want or need to do. I will throw the excuses aside and do THE NEXT THING.

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