Love is Formless. Then Again………….

In getting here from there, I’ve asked many questions. My search for answers, eventually acquired a common answer. Everything I have learned in life, everything I have wanted or experienced, everything I have ever wished for was for one reason and one reason only and that was to help me gain control of my life. I have not in fact,  gained control of my life.

Along the way I also came to believe that there were only two things important for survival and that the only thing about this awareness that separates me from the common cockroach is in fact, the awareness itself. Every other living thing on the planet lives their lives, ruled by these two things. They have no reason to wonder; the rest of our cohabitants on this planet are really Big on Acceptance.

These two basic concepts are Fear and Love. The obsession to control our lives is apparently born of Fear. The only times in my life when I have been free of Fear have been those moments when immersed in Love. It doesn’t matter whether the casual observer would define me during those events as The Lover or the Object of Love. In either role the experience of Love feels very much the same, though there seems to be a deeper sense of it when giving rather than receiving and deeper still when simply sharing an experience with another at the same moment. Whether making love or making sandcastles, it is pretty much the same, isn’t it.

I cannot remember ever deliberately generating love or deliberately experiencing the love of another but I discover it often. Love to me is the Universal Synonym for what we call God. God as I understand God has need of nothing. As such God has no need to Do anything. But as the Great Originator and in Fact the Great, Ultimate Result, the only thing left is Love. As the Great Originator, Love is uncontaminated by Fear. As the Ultimate Result, Love has survived All, aware Only of Love’s Perfect Self.

So what of the stuff that I have learned? It appears to be meaningless.


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