Hi There Reader

Hi there Reader,

I’m a reader too. I read blogs. All kinds of blogs. Every day I have information forwarded to me, sometimes from friends, some times not.  Sometimes I receive  a forwarded post from a subscriber. Or perhaps I am the subscriber.

It takes about an hour a day to peruse this wonderful array of information. I read about inspring experiences, of danger and of courage, I read the words of historians, architects, poets, artists and artisans, business analysts and the worlds greatest photographers. And I blog. Never in our history has there been so much new, original information available. I try not to be persuaded by propaganda which does its best to capture our attention. That is what brought me to the world of blogging in the first place. 

 I recommend this means of gathering information. Reading the original thoughts of others inspires us to avoid the prejuduces of the day with which we are hammered, offering instead a different angle on everything. We become responsible for forming our own opinions on these unique opportunities for growth. And readers are encouraged to post their own thoughts.

My hope for you is this: that you will read my posts, better yet that you will subscribe-it cost nothing; just start clicking that mouse. If you like the experience, go to wordpress.com and look for other blogs. Perhaps you will want to create one for yourself. There are no start up or maintainence fees. Share your  ideas. Tell us your stories. You’ve got them.  

I still read the local newspaper. Since I live alone, I am in the habit of going to the store at 6am to buy the paper and visit with others. It is a wonderful way to start the day. My upstairs neighbor Frank goes to Mass every morning. maybe his way is better. When I return to my comfy quarters I skim the already curling pages to see if I have missed anything from my Internet sources and then settle down to solve the linguistic challenges of a crossword puzzle. Thirty mintes later, perhaps inspired by a word from “32 down”, I sit down to my laptop and blog. If nothing comes I plant a few seeds for future posts then settle down to look for a buyer for my latest art acquisition. Thanks for visiting today. Hopefully, we’ll meet again tomorrow and add some more form to the formlessness of a wonderful and mysterious life on Planet earth.  Lee.


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