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Hi LEE — Hope ur thursday is going well …I went hiking today – that always seems to make me more relaxed ..I think I feel most serene when I’m out in the McDowell Mountains hiking !!! Very esthetic Sonoran desert environment = 5 minutes from home!!   Take Care. Dan.



Thanks Dan, What a great idea. It is a joyous day. I’m glad to know that you do stuff like this, (“and courage to change the things I can”). I love to hike myself and I rarely do. Maybe we could do one together sometime.

There was a trail Twenty Five years ago, south of Shea, near the Mayo Clinic; my daily jogging path. I lived a block south of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, near where you live now.

 One morning as I neared a tight curve in the trail, I stumbled across the limp, bleeding carcass of an animal, much larger than a rabbit, slightly smaller than a coyote. I stopped for a moment to attempt identification. (Hmm, pointy nose like a marsupial or rodent but much larger). Having failed at that, I ran for another ten minutes, stopped for a breather and began the return trip to my truck. As I neared the location of the morning kill, I could already see that there was very little  remaining evidence present, of that hapless critter. I wondered at the size of the carnivore whose breakfast I had interrupted.

 I made no further attempt to investigate. I drove to Taliesin and had breakfast with  Kamal Amin, an architect buddy of mine. He attempted to persuade me that I had managed to avoid a close encounter with a Chupacabra.






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