Human Traits and Attributes (continued)

“The onus was mine. Thirty eight years of religious training had succeeded only in convincing me that a scholarly approach to a study that promised no evidence was a task better left to an academy of fools.”

Perhaps this may sound like a story about the evils of drinking. It is not. Nor is it a story of recovering from alcoholism. This, Dear Reader is a Love Story. And, it begins as I begin my search, not for a Higher Power but for Human Power. I started with a familiar teacher from my youth. Though given religious training from an early age, I was also taught to read, long before Kindergarten. The family library was known as Lee’s Room.

I read page after page of Human Attributes as described by Aristotle. I was not surprised to see his “best of'” List;   Integristy, resposibility, commitment, generosity and on and on.

I read the Greeks. I read  modern scholars I examined the teachings of Kant, Jung and the parables of Lao Tzu and Jesus. I puzzled over descriptions of the Id, the Ego and the Super-ego. Words like Anima and Yin and Yang did little for me. Eventually, I noticed as I scanned list after list of human traits and emotions, that every word but one described a need and offered a solution for stemming the tide of Fear.

One word, a word known to all but which was rarely on any of these lists was the word “Love”. I also became aware that by definition this word unlike all the other words describing the various human characteristics did not include in its definition an element whatsoever of the concept of fear.

Tomorrow: Love and Fear.


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