Human Traits and Attributes (continued)

“I read the Greeks. I read modern scholars I examined the teachings of Kant, Jung and the parables of Lao Tzu and Jesus. I puzzled over descriptions of the Id, the Ego and the Super-ego. Words like Anima and Yin and Yang did little for me. Eventually, I noticed as I scanned list after list of human traits and emotions, that every word but one described a need and offered a solution for stemming the tide of Fear. One word, a word known to all but which was rarely on any of these lists was the word “Love”. I also became aware that by definition this word unlike all the other words describing the various human characteristics did not include in its definition an element whatsoever of the concept of fear.” (continued from 11/ & 11/4/11)

I wondered about “Love”. The definition of the word did not include a motive. it appeared to me to be the only emotion known to man that was selfless. And, if all our actions are predicated by motive (a word that can easily be understood to mean selfish in origin, then “Love”, if it exists, must be a quality possessed by a Power much greater than myself, greater than any living being visible to the naked eye. If I was right about this conclusion of mine then apparently I had discovered  an accurate description of God.

“No” you say? Love would be a quality of God, not a definition? What then? The only definition that I know of given for God by God is the statement which when translated into English states, “I Am that I Am.” Hmm. In other words “Being” is enough. “Being” does not include “Doing”. “Being” is Existing. Existing for how long? Forever, you say? How long is that?

The word “Forever” suggests timelessness. The same word can easily fit into a conversation about Evolution. So let’s see what we have so far.

Time apparently exists only in our minds. At least it is not important in the long run in explaining the existence of life.

We have decided for the moment that we have one word to describe God. That word is Love.

We have no other word available because all the words available to us to describe any living thing express a need. An Omnipotent being Needs Nothing, including an explanation of time.

We only know two things about God. God Is and God is Love.

Okeedokee. Perhaps you, the reader  needs more. For me this is beginning to look like enough information. But, let’s see where this goes.

Until I made this discovery, I was trapped by a barrage of things that I was told I Must believe.  Until now my Faith had been in full support of only one idea; I was and continue to be an avowed Non-conformist. By that I mean that since I am responsible for whatever goes into my brain I must make certain decisions about all the information that captures my awareness. Of course most of what goes into our brains is not known to us. We are bombarded by billions of bits of information pers second. But of those bits of datum that are noticed by our senses, I believe we are responsible for editing as much of this as is humanly possible. But back to Love.

If I am to believe that Love is a synonym for God, then how is it that I have experienced Love? I will attempt to offer some information about this in tomorrow’s revelation of this man’s search for a(the) Higher Power.


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