Human Traits and Attributes (continued)

“I was not aware that I had become an orphan. Perhaps had I known that there was a label for what had just occurred I might have remained an orphan. “To be or not to be, that is the question;”. Without a thought toward defining the situation or understanding it or puzzling over the ‘next right thing’ to do, I took action.”  Posted yesterday.

The word  “orphan” though normally a label denoting a child who is homeless or suddenly without parents  or both also represents a state of mind. We are all “orphans” at one time or another. Losing a parent can be just as traumatic for an adult as for a child. The sense of abandonment can be excruciating for one who has lost their mate to death or divorce. Losing one’s means of income can be devastating, whether it be the entrepreneur who has spent thirty years building a business only to see it collapse overnight or a Customer Service Representative  who has faithfully represented the same company for half her lifetime and who has suddenly lost her job because she failed to successfully calm a very irate customer. You, the reader surely have a story to tell of at least one time in your life when you felt despair, a time when you felt lost because the expectation that you held of a person in your life, the home in which you were raised or your job was suddenly dashed. At that moment you became an orphan. How did that affect your life. Are you still an orphan? If not, how did you rise above it. Did the God of you understanding intercede? Did God do something for you? Did God at some point during those moments or years of despair console you, Love you and demonstrate benevolence in a way that you would like to share with others? Have you in fact shared these things with others?  

To be an orphan is a state of mind. It is a moment of challenge so great that we are suddenly forced to choose from alternatives perhaps so extreme that to make any choice at all may well represent a risk far greater than anything we have ever known. You have known good health for your forty-two years and you are now laying on the kitchen floor. You are in pain. You cannot muster the energy to crawl to a telephone. Or, your wife of fifty years suddenly died of a heart attack before your very eyes as the two of you were planning that trip to Rome that you had scrimped and saved for.

To be an orphan is to feel empty. What we feel at that moment is Fear. And, the only thing that can change that for us is Love. Where will that Love come from? You have just learned that your safety net was not a safety net at all because it is now gone. It left with whatever or whoever seemed to be providing it for you.

It is difficult to console someone who has just begun to discover that they no longer feel Loved or that perhaps they never were Loved or for that matter discovered that Love is not in fact a human trait or attribute, after all. But in that absence of the only thing that can comfort us we can ask for Love and get It. To be afraid and to ask for Love is the two-part outline for a story that has with varying details, been told more times than numbers can represent.

I personally know hundreds of people whose main goal is to be of service to others. Some of these people are wealthy, some are poor. Some are healthy some are not. A friend of mine recently passed away; he was ninety-two years old and had spent the last weeks of his life in hospital beds. And, when I visited with him a few days before he left us, Charles was helping others, offering encouragement and his words offered no complaints.

God is Life. God is Love. The next person we meet will be a Recovering Orphan. Let’s Love them. Encourage them. If we meet someone who is in despair let’s show that orphan of the moment that we care about them. And Love will be there in abundance for us all.


One thought on “Human Traits and Attributes (continued)

  1. Lee, this post moved me deeply, perhaps I have never thought of my self as an orphan in need but, God has always been there for me at those times! Your last paragraph says it all!

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