From a letter to a friend.

I have found over the years, a thousand different ways to write about the subject of knowledge acquisition. The basic premise is this. All knowledge fits into one of three categories.
The most popular of the three is a category called prejudice. it includes all information assimilated purely on the basis of its source. A parent. A teacher. A rabbi, a minister. Our friends and family.
The least popular of the three is logic. The tools of logic are rarely used to discover the truth of anything. Logic seems to most often be used to undo the damage we have done to ourselves by the most popular method. Or to prove that we are right, in which case we are most probably wrong.
The third is through what appears to me to be of a more spiritual nature. Sometimes the mind seems to take a quantum leap, by-passing normal thinking processes. I think that there are two forces at work there. One is simply the unconscious part of the mind at work. The other I am certain is a momentary access to whatever we are to call the energy, holy spirit, or universal brain providing a supercharged shortcut.
I estimate that I have logged at least 50,000 hours in pursuit of information in this category. The great number of hours though propelled by great motivation is most often redundant but I do not consider this to be a waste of time. And, I know of no other way to find the answers I need.
I take on  some other subjects  but they are all part of the same basic premise: What is Love? What is God? What is Time? Is memory a stand-alone thing requiring no access? Can we assume that eventually the only reality will be memory? Obviously time will no longer be necessary under this new reality. If we accept this idea then we probably need to accept the possibility that in a world with no molecules,  they may never have existed in the first place. In such a world there would be no evidence of anything other than memory. And perhaps that is all there has ever been. My only break from these thoughtful endeavors is sleep and  Twelfth Step work. And as far as I am concerned Stan is a good guy and he and I now know more about each other’s political beliefs that normally gets discussed among members of our fellowship.
Vitriol? What vitriol. Did someone mention vitriol? I don’t see no dadgum vitriol. Is it purple? is it Liquid? Does it grow? Will it propel an internal combustion engine?
Will it be remembered when all the molecules no longer exist?
Oh yes, I forgot to mention commas. We need more commas.

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