Curious Abner revisited

Curious Abner licked a toad;

At least he thought it so.

For a moment or so it looked like a toad,

From head to warty toe.

“However”, said he,  “I’m not so sure” for time now seemed to slow.

“Whatever it is that I did lick, I’m not sure that I know”


He pondered a moment and then “Aha, perhaps it was a stool,

Upon which sat a warty toad and made me such a fool.”

“ ‘Twas the shape” said he,  “of which I’m not

so sure I’ll ever know.”

“But lick I did and shape be damned, I think its time to go”

(And fraught with a frustration due to a lack of fresh ideas, Abner pulled out his meetin’ book and ran his finger down the pages as he rehearsed for a moment.) “My name is Abner, a recovering orphan of the Big Hazy……………………”



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