Say that again……..?

My impatience with the use of clichés began in childhood. It is only during the last decade or two (or three) that my awareness of the mechanics of this phenomenon began to grow as subtle repetitions became more noticeable in virtually every sentence and phrase.

During the Eighties it was this realization which drew me to certain studies related to the field of neurolinguistics, notably those ideas as expressed in the formation of the social phenomenon known as Transactional Analysis. It was here that I often heard the claim that all of speech contains the elements that encourage the construction of clichés and that our basic linguistic habits are well established by the eighteenth month of human life.

When we as a society clamor as individuals to be recognized we will use whatever means possible it seems, to attract attention to ourselves even though by so doing we become overnight clones of each other.

I’m just sayin’………..



2 thoughts on “Say that again……..?

  1. When did “I’m just sayin” become a cliche? Still eems sort of fresh.

    Meanwhile, I’m running into younger folks who have never heard some of the cliches that I’ve been using all my life. All of a sudden, heard through their ears, the cliches seem new and fresh. Life is good.

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