Did I get that right?

Mommy Dearest, attempting to look her meanest, addresses her non-conformist, pimply faced teenager: So, as usual, you are right and the rest of humanity is wrong; did I get that right?

Pimply faced teenager: Is that a bad thing?

Mommy Dearest: Don’t get smart with me, Bobby Lee.

Bobby Lee: So, I gather from the information hidden in your inquiry that you are of the opinion that the truth of a statement can be determined with a vote. Is that right?

MD: I warned you Young Man, don’t you use those long sentences on me.

BL: So, you’d rather I’d be dumb as a post. Is that it?

MD: It’s okay to be smart. It’s not okay to be a smart Alec.

BL: Is that because you’re more interested in listening to those who have already voted on what is right than to someone who has actually given the issue in question some thought?

MD: Bobby Lee, I do not know what to do with you.

BL: Well, I suppose we could vote on it but we’d cancel each other out.


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