The Gift of Solitude

Do you spend more time alone during the holidays than usual? 

Do you feel guilty about doing so?

Are your loved ones scolding you for your hermit-like habits?

If you tend to need more “alone” time during the holidays, you mustn’t allow your friends and family to persuade you to feel badly about that. The need for solace grows as society in general increases its practice of gathering together for months at a time. It is this mass hysteria during the holiday season that is abnormal if not absolutely psychotic. Your need for Solitude is okay. The need to Isolate  on the other hand, is not the same thing  and can prove awkward.

 Stay open to the notion of including yourself in some social and familial activities, especially those which perform a service to the community.

Congratulate yourself for having the good sense to know when to back away and to make use of the Gift of Solitude. By doing so you are giving permission to others who need Quiet Time during hectic moments to seek it.




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