Seth Godin and You and Me.

I enjoy reading Seth Godin. He is a brilliant thinker and he shares a lot about what makes people do what they do. And he is often right. Today’s post was called On Buying Something for the First Time.

But unless you are a marketeer, reading his daily posts will not provide you with dependable insight to human behavior. I can identify at least two reasons for this and they have to do with Seth’s own personal bias.  

Seth Godin views people as just that, people. He apparently sees no one as an individual. To Seth all members of our society are but with few exceptions, only part of the whole.

The second bias has to do with how he sees his career. Everything he sees taking place in the markets is viewed for one reason and that is to answer this question: What can we do to sell more stuff to more people? This is a good goal; it really is, because the more sales are made especially in new markets, the better market conditions will be and the better life will be for the rest of us, especially that portion of us that is a part of new markets.


Right now, you and I are the new markets. And, there is more change going on in the world marketplace than ever before. My goal is more representative of those of us who are closer to the ground. Middle America is rapidly changing its face. There is a market now in real estate for generational housing. Two and three generations of families are buying homes together, often a creating a family LLC before purchasing a home.

Many large corporations are sizing themselves down. As they do so they are replacing lost workforces with service contracts with smaller companies. If you are sending out fifteen resumes a day and have been doing so for the last year and a half, chances are that you haven’t noticed these new trends.


If you are becoming disheartened with America, do something different. Start a business. A service business at first. Wash windows, clean out garages and homes in transition, shop for the elderly, anything but do something. Stay away from the protesters; that will guarantee you a constant flow of one-sided information. What you need, what we all need is cash. We have to feed our families. Instead of spending twelve hours a day looking for a job, break your research time up into smaller categories. Look for a job if it makes you feel more secure, but create Google searches for information that will help you with your new goals which are to find customers for your new business. Create a blog and read the blogs of those who share your concerns. Post on facebook.

And Seth, keep doing what you are doing my friend; you do it better than anyone. And by the way, I read your blog at the beginning of every one of my days.  I also read your books and have chosen you as my number one business role model.

I am an entrepreneur of the type that founded this great country. A direct descendant of Patrick Henry, I consider the concept of Free Enterprise to be the backbone of this great country and and I believe the entrepreneurial spirit to be the job description of us all.

Be good to yourself; you deserve it.


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