Curious Abner Meets a Toad named Psycho.

Psychoactive Toad: So, what’s your name?

Curious Abner:  Curious Abner.

Psychoactive Toad: That’s a long name. Do people actually call you that to your face?

Curious Abner: Yup. 

Psychoactive Toad: Mind if I give you a nickname?

Curious Abner:  Knock yourself out.

Psychoactive Toad: I thought that’s what you were trying to do.

Curious Abner: What are you talking about?

Psychoactive Toad: You remember. I was getting ready to zap a cricket for lunch and all of a sudden you came along and picked me up and licked me.

Curious Abner:  Oh, that.

Psychoactive Toad: Yeah, that. Kinda rude, Dude, don’tcha think?

Curious Abner: I was just curious. 

Psychoactive Toad: I’ll say.

Curious Abner:  Well, I’d heard that you had some kind of psychoactive, lickky stuff on your back that would give the licker thereof a warm fuzzy feeling.

Psychoactive Toad: You got that right. It’s supposed to kill ya but you’re too damn big to kill so my “lickky stuff” as you call it, gives you a psychedelic high. Some of your people-type friends say it gives them a religious experience.

Curious Abner:  Sounds to me like you’ve been licked before.

Psychoactive Toad: I ain’t no virgin.

Curious Abner:  Maybe you should be more careful, Toad. You know what they say about toad lickers.

Psychoactive Toad: I guess I don’t. Whadda they say about toad lickers?

Curious Abner:  That they just cain’t get enough of that wonderful stuff.

Psychoactive Toad: What stuff? Lickky stuff?

Curious Abner:  Naw, The other stuff.

Psychoactive Toad: What stuff?

Curious Abner:  You know.

Psychoactive Toad: Know what?

Curious Abner:  The religious experience.

Psychoactive Toad: Yo Dude, what’s so great about that?

Curious Abner:  You’d know if you were a donkey.

Psychoactive Toad: Well, you’re certainly an expert on donkeys, yes you are.

Curious Abner:  Whaddaya mean by that, Wart face?

Psychoactive Toad: I mean you’re an ass.

Curious Abner:  Look who’s talkin’.

Psychoactive Toad: I never did give you a nickname.

Curious Abner:  Yeah you did.

Psychoactive Toad: What?

Curious Abner:  Ass. You just called me an ass.

Psychoactive Toad: That’s no nickname Dude, that’s a job description.

Curious Abner: Watch it.

Psychoactive Toad: I’m gonna call you Curio.

Curious Abner: Whatever. I’m gonna call you Psycho.

Psychoactive Toad: Okay Curio. Whaddaya wanna do now?

Curious Abner: I’d like to have some more of that lickky stuff.

Psychoactive Toad: Ugh.

Curious Abner: What’s the matter?

Psychoactive Toad: You don’t need a lickin’, you need Jesus.

Curious Abner: What makes you say that?

Psychoactive Toad: Beats gettin’ high.

Curious Abner: Your lickky stuff is psychedelic.

Psychoactive Toad: So’s Jesus.

Curious Abner: Jesus is psychedelic?

Psychoactive Toad: Yup.

Curious Abner: So, how do I meet him?

Psychoactive Toad: Just start talkin’ to him, Curio.

Curious Abner: Where is he?

Psychoactive Toad: Ya can’t really see him.

Curious Abner: Well that’s kinda weird, dontcha thnk?

Psychoactive Toad: Not as weird as lickin’ toads. Or talkin’ to us for that matter. We don’t even speak your language.

Curious Abner: So how is it that we’re talkin’ to each other, right now?

Psychoactive Toad: It’s the lickky stuff Dude, the lickky stuff.

Curious Abner: Really. So, what are ya sayin’, I’m still high?

Psychoactive Toad: I don’t know. I think it’s starting to wear off.

Curious Abner: Why do you say that?

Psychoactive Toad: Ribbit.

Curious Abner: Huh?

Psychoactive Toad: Ribbit.

Curious Abner: I’m gonna put you back down where I found you, you dumb toad. Go find yourself a cricket. Finish up your lunch.

Psychoactive Toad: Ribbit.

Curious Abner: Hey Jesus. Where are ya Dude? We need to talk.


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