Looking Ahead to 2012: My New Years Resolution.

Love is the only human condition that is unconditional, therefore not of man but of something Greater than man.

A gift is not a gift if there is a price to pay.

The greatest gift is Love.

The greatest gift is Acceptance.

The greatest gift is Forgiveness.

Love can only be experienced by Giving and Accepting.

By Giving and Accepting we experience Forgiveness.


 My goal for the year 2012 is to continue learning to Give and to Accept.


I have already asked myself these questions:

What do I want to do differently?        Do less; be more.

Will these changes serve humanity? Family? Friends? Me?        Love benefits all.

What step toward my goal will I take the first week?        Express gratitude.

What action toward this end am I willing to take on Jan 1 2012? Encourage someone.

This first activity; when will it take place?    When I post this message.

What Day?        Today

What time?      1:00 pm.

Who will hold me accountable?     We will.

How do I believe this will make me feel?        Grateful.

How will I celebrate having done it?         By doing it again.


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