Wow. How did that happen?

 Apparently I got stuck in the fifties and was unaware that as I was slipping around in the space-time continuum that I lost January 4, 2012.

Let me think about this for a minute. When I awoke yesterday (it felt, seemed, sensed  like yesterday) I was coming out from a dream in which I looked in the mirror and was not surprised to see the image of a man fifty years younger than the man who I am this morning. And it all went downhill after that.

So let’s pretend that this post is yesterday’s assignment. As this day goes by-assuming that this will continueto be today all day-I will try to reconstruct what I perceive to be the events from yesterday and pass the information on to you. I think. If you have any clues, be sure to comment. Perhaps I,,,,,,,,  Oh, never mind.


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