Hip Hop Ballet

On Thursday I hurt my hip. Not sure how it happened. Probably had something to do with helping a buddy of mine move a bed, though I remember no impact. I took a nap after that brief bit of exercise and awoke an hour later wishing I had an audience. I must have been funny to watch but it hurt like Hell.

I spent the rest of the day and again yesterday and yes, again today, learning some new moves. The learning sessions have been painful but aren’t they always? I have experimented with a variety of ways to address the seat of a chair, a couch and a bed. And, I have invented a number of techniques for rising from these various pieces of furniture as well. Sitting down, though less painful is just plain clumsy. But the choreography involved in getting me up from a seated position is probably more graceful. It begins with raising a straight right leg until it is parallel to the floor. I then  lean to the right, paying attention to the music I have remotely chosen from my sound system, placing both hands on the arm of the couch, and with my strong left leg, leap to a standing position, placing my right foot gingerly on the carpet. All this is in time to the music of the moment. And the music is different each time. And the music is so sublime.

Without skipping a beat, my shoulders slightly hunched like a fifties be-bop-a-lula kind-a guy I segue this move into a series of short hops and as the pain gradually lessons I move into a wiggle and then and then I start to giggle ‘cause by now I am in front of a mirror.. I have truly learned the meaning of hip…..hop.

But it still hurts and if I have to be hospitalized I’m not sure who will water my plastic flowers.


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