Not so Hip Hop Ballet

Yesterday I joked about my recent injury and my flippant method of dealing with the situation. Today, the pain went up a few notches so rather than continue choreographing my movements during the day I eliminated those movements altogether. Instead,  I luxuriated in the comfort of my bed. I pulled a couple of novels from my library, tuned the radio to the classical music station, KBAQ,  one of the sister stations to the one from which I broadcast on Monday nights. SunSounds is a reading service to those who have lost their eysesight or who were born sightless.

Tomorrow? I don’t know yet. Doctors? Having come from a medical family one would think that I would be more trusting of those in that profession. Instead, I tend to research and attempt to diagnose every ailment before eventually relenting to the advice of those who are qualified to dispense it. The last time I broke a hip I was a young man and I spent two months in a VA nursing home recuperating.  I am no longer a young man and I do not want to repeat that experience.

However, if good sense prevails and if I am absent from my keyboard for a few days you will know why. Let’s hope for the best.

 If so I will miss visiting with you and doing my weekly show on SunSounds of Arizona. I am known there as Retail Man and I report weekly on retail bargains. Later.


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