Darn Near Famous Jeff Pitney

Yesterday I visited my barber. His name is Jeff Pitney. You may have seen him on television; he used to appear in Cops before it became a reality program. Or you may have listened to him perform as singer- musician in the group LEFTY; or seen him on stage at the Desert Theater in North Scottsdale. Of course these are not credentials for cutting and styling hair nor is the fact that Jeff and I have been friends for forty years with 2000 or so haircuts to bond us.

But I can tell you that whether I am sad, glad or indifferent, the mere act of walking through the door of Pitney’s Hair Repair store kindles the flame of emotional restoration before being seated in his barber chair of fame and renown. I know that when I arrive I will be occupying a seat containing the impressions left by the hips of the Rich and Famous and that I will leave with a thousand dollar haircut that cost less than a meal at the Outback.

Having then been cheered by a thirty-minute stand-up routine worthy of late night television, I will seat myself behind the wheel of my pick-em-up truck and drive home feeling better about life, eager to participate in whatever else the day presents.

Perhaps you live in Scottsdale Arizona; maybe you are in London or Johannesburg. But I can tell you that Jeff’s clientele come from all around the planet. Man or woman, adult or child, people of all descriptions and from all points of the globe have left their split ends on the floor of Jeff Pitney’s Hair Repair. Google him. Call him, Tweet him or rattle his FaceBook door.  But by all means go to the Windmill Plaza at Scottsdale and Shea Blvd and spend thirty minutes becoming a better you.


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