An Act of Love

With the onslaught of vulgarity we said goodbye to subtlety and with it curiosity, the most fundamental component of human existence. Ozzie and Harriet were replaced by the Simpsons and the tattooed man on the midway gave way to Grandma with her permanently shaded eyelids and four-year old great granddaughters with pierced ears and navels.

As a child my mother often covered my eyes during the RKO newsreels on those once a month Friday night movies at the Bison theatre. The next day I’d ask my friends what I missed; it was usually either a nearly naked Betty Grable or a Nazi death camp. Yesterday, two pastors of a Scottsdale Church were TPd. “Just kids being kids” said one parent. “An act of love” said another. An hour on the internet produced two dozen TP “pranks” resulting in death or serious injury.  Most were in the last year.

 “Oh, give me a home, where the buffalo roam, and the deer and the antelope play. Where seldom is heard, a discouraging word and the sky is not cloudy all day.” *


*Home on the Range. 1911.  Lyrics written by Dr Brewster M. Higley.


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