Just Plain Kamal

One day  in 1977 a friend of mine, Linda Brock (I used to call her Linda Volkswagen- She called me Leebroom as though my firstandlastname were all one word) entered the front door of my shop with a man who looked familiar but for the moment at least, unknown to me.  I thought to myself that he was her sales manager; she obviously wanted to sell me a Porsche that I’d taken for a spin recently; she was “following up” as they say in sales meetings everywhere. Hmm. No, this man was wearing a hand tailored Seville Row DC suit. Only a few men on the planet dressed like this.

“Hello Linda Volkswagen, was ist los?”

“Hello Leebroom, I am bringing you a friend of mine that I’d like very much for you to meet. Say ‘Hello’ to Kamal Amin (she spoke his name clearly).”  I offered my hand. A firm grip and two quick up and down shakes. Everything about this man except for his accent reminded me of my Broom family Uncles, gentlemen all, and very much a dying breed.

“Mr. Amin. I’m happy to meet you sir.”

“M, M, Mr. Leebroom, I am delighted to meet you also. How do you do sir?”

Outwardly, I ignored the slight stammer, which itself was familiar to me “Very well, thank you. You look familiar to me Mr. Amin. And, I’d be happy to hear you call me simply, Lee.”

“I can do that Simplylee.” The three of us laughed. “And you sir, may call me Just plain Kamal.”

“Thank you, Just Plain Kamal.” We all laughed again.

And that is how I met my friend, my brother, a man uninterested in the greedy side of life, an artist of many talents, the greatest of which I would soon realize was architecture and yes, I did know him from my many visits to Taliesin West.

I will write more about him this week and on Friday I will publish a short biographical insight as written by my friend, Kamal Amin; there will be a sharing of memories  and his relationship with the greatest architect of our time, Frank Lloyd Wright.


2 thoughts on “Just Plain Kamal

  1. Yes kamal, I was managing a shop called the Framery at Scottsdale and Shea, I was also in the process of incorporating Valley Staging Company. It was this enterprise that helped to form our friendship with each other and with others who remain our friends today.

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