Love Is.

The measure of one’s Courage is roughly equal to the presence of one’s Fear. I’d like to add that Courage has nothing to do with Being Strong. Courage arises always as a response to Love. The experience of Love is not of the Natural World but of the Supernatural. It is however, always there for the asking (or affirming), on a moment’s notice.

We can experience Love by acknowledging and accepting it or by performing loving acts of kindness.

I believe Love to be the most healing, calming Power known to human-kind. Individual will power can be helpful in solving everyday problems; however when coupled with and bolstered by Love we humans are an awesome species as are the rest of the world’s critters who apparently need no one to point these things out to them.

To those whose primary line of defense is to be Strong, expect disappointments.

In the presence of Love, Fear dies. In the presence of folded arms Fear lurks in the shadows until the arms become tired.

Look around any room full of people during an emotional presentation. Many of the men will have their arms folded over their chest. Many of these will be overweight. I am a member of both groups. My most familiar first line of defense in an emotionally charged event has been for many years, to react emotionally. I sometimes become sarcastic, perhaps raise my voice. If I am trying to be tolerant I salute the occasion with folded arms. Perhaps then I will remember to stop and make an affirmation, recognizing the Power and the instantaneous availability of Love. Though I don’t always remember to affirm Love, these affirmations are gradually becoming my new, first line of defense.

I am seventy-two years old. I’ve been reading success books all my life; and now I am writing one. This post will be the introduction to that book. Love will make it so.


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