What rhymes with “long-lived”?

Though my answer to the question I have yet to ask remains hopefully optimistic, I shall ask it, nevertheless.

Q: Am I the only speaker of English on this planet left clinging precariously to the proper pronunciation of the hyphenated adjective, long-lived; is there no one left with the necessary, minimal skill in the use of logic to recognize that this word is not a form of the hyphenated verb long-live as in “Long live the King”, but rather the adjective form of the noun long-life, the pronunciation of which is changed only by moving the lower lip inward, thereby changing the f-sound to a v-sound? (I would not be surprised to learn that someone in the last few minutes read {rhymes with red} my words and being impressed with their new-found reasoning skills, determined that the corrected pronunciation was now long-lifid,  similar in sound to long –livid whatever that must mean). I’d accept long –livid as a word describing how I felt last month while listening to the Dean of a local college make this mistake from the podium or thirty minutes ago while listening to a local newscaster commit a major broadcasting error by mispronouncing three well-known Spanish words, an affront to half of the citizens in the state of Arizona and New Mexico.

Half a century ago, logic was still being taught in the First elementary grade. I am referring to the linguistic science of phonetics. Today it is replaced by sight-reading. The logical way of learning to read was phased out as children learned in that same first grade, how to use the computer. This kind of reading requires no skills in logic, though for techies in-training there may be a class called Logic 101. There will be no logic required however, to master the tools taught in this class. Today our children are no longer taught HOW to think. They have been trained in WHAT to think. A little late for the Orwellian forewarning of Skinner Box Citizenry but just in time for the new era of worldwide whateveritism introduced by the self-elected nobodies who have been sitting on their but-but-butts in many major metropolies including those in the USA, moaning and groaning about those in charge of their care and feeding while expecting the Rich to purge themselves.  Goodbye America. Hello Bulimia.


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