Bill and Sadie and the family Quail.

I awoke this morning with a mysterious, bitter after-taste of an evening unhappily spent. I remembered the exchange of caustic comments and the folded arms, the glare of angry brows belied by the protective body language of each participant.

Just before retiring for the evening had I  received a phone call from Bill reporting in with an update on his troubles with Sadie and I observed that his story sounded much like mine.  I suggested that he write down something that he learned from the experience and go to bed.

Bill called an hour or so after I awoke this morning. He told me that he realized that he frequently dominates his conversations with Sadie and that he doesn’t know how to change the pattern. I asked him if he could focus on changing one little thing about himself and allow Sadie to do and say what she liked. Bill said that this seemed like an awesome task but that he was willing to do this. I was pleased that none of his statements contained the word “try”.

We disconnected and I returned to watching the quail family just beyond my patio, picking about in the birdseed pan and the watering dish that I left for them last night. They are a delightful family. They never quarrel.


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