When What Outranks How.

When I created this blog site I did so with the intention of sharing with the world some of the ideas that I found attractive; I hoped that you would enjoy my words as much as I enjoyed writing them. I soon began to realize however, that what I wanted to say was more important to me than how I said it.

In the beginning I wrote whatever came to mind. Later, by noticing my tags and categories, I began to realize that contained in all the poetry, short stories, essays and two-minute dialogues which graced these pages, I was focused on only two subjects.

The next awareness was that I had been studying and writing in earnest about these two ideas since 1976. Could it be that I was becoming an authority of sorts?

The third was that whenever in these three and a half decades I had attempted to engage anyone in conversation on either of these apparently new (or “new-ish”) ideas, that I was unable to capture any interest, whatsoever. Perhaps by searching through a broader market I might reach a pair of eyes now and then, whose lives could be changed for the better by virtue of having read them.

Usually, my posts seem to portray these themes in such a subtle way that one would not immediately notice their presence. Perhaps the one you are reading right now is an example. Thank you for stopping by.


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