Invisible Children

My plan for today’s post was to talk a bit about resentment. I know a lot about resentment; I’m no expert but I do know how much damage resentment can do; I know also that one can overcome the insidiousness of its many horrible symptoms.

That was my plan.

This morning as I read the morning paper, I saw at the bottom of the front page, the beginning of a story about a Ugandan predator named Joseph Kony, who fuels the needs of his machete and machine gun armed militia with the services of captive children. The article spoke of a viral video which at the time the article was written had been viewed more than 40 million times.

Google it. YouTube it. Facebook it. Search for Invisible Children. Kony has been kidnapping the little ones for years. He turns them into sex slaves and soldiers. Many are slaughtered. One man started this social networking campaign to discover Kony’s whereabouts and to bring him to justice. Millions of us are helping to reach this goal.

Google: Invisible Children.

YouTube: Invisible Children.

Blog: Invisible Children.

Email: Invisible Children.

Twitter: Invisible Children.




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