Newsletter from Ryan and Mel in Bratislava, Sept 2010

I was perusing saved emails today and discovered this. When my granddaughter Melissa and her husband Ryan were on a mission tour in Slovakia, Ryan regularly emailed newsletters to friends and family back home. I  enjoyed reading this one. I chuckled at the typos and decided that it was tapped out on his laptop as he and Mel wolfed down the last of a quick meal during the last five minutes of a rail journey to Budapest. Enjoy.

“Hello again,

For those with the curious knowledge here are some things I have discovered about here that are different than back home. And some similarities.

1. Eggs are brown not white otherwise they taste the same as ours

2. Milk and orange juice and other juices are not refrigerated in the store. You only keep them cold once you open them up. And they are not sold in plastic jugs but in plastic coated cartons and they aren’t even a gallon.

3. There is no cheddar cheese just other kinds of cheese but they are good. And we have heard from some of the ESIers that there is cheddar it is just sharp.

4. Hot dogs and sausages come wrapped in there own skins which have to be removed before you cook them.

5. There trams, busses, articulated busses (standing room only sometimes) and trolley busses are all outdated but they still function greatly. Once you get used to the squeaking of the trams when they come to a stop.

6. If an elder lady wants your seat, you give it up.

7. Elderly women with bright orange carrot colored hair is not uncommon.

8. The same fashion is in over here tights and spandex seem to be too popular.

9. Movie theatres have assigned seats, we know because we saw Karate Kid yesterday. It was nice. The popcorn is not as buttery as ours.

10. Kofola is great, it is a local soda which is only made here. I like it, but it is an acquired taste. The locals say it has more caffeine than Pepsi or Coke I am still deciding that one.

11. and roleek (row leak) is this neat bread actually it is rolls of bread and you can buy 12 for less than a Euro they are filling and you can eat them with any meal.

12. Trains are for passengers here and not freight. The train from here to Budapest was an awesome experience.

13. You seat yourself in a restaurant

14. Once you or everyone is done with the menu than the server will come back to the table. Looking at the menu

15. No ice in drinks except at McDonald’s.

16. Ice cream is seasonal outside of the grocery stores, but man it is good.

17. You have to get your servers attention for your check.

18. If someone takes you out to eat you still pay your part of the meal or tab.

19. Food seems to fill me up quicker here.

20. Food also can spoil quicker here if not eaten up right away.

21. Flavored waters are great, and come in just about every fruit flavor. Some are an acquired taste.

22. Tap water is very safe to drink.

23. The price of something is what you pay. Not sure how taxes work.

Similar Things

1. Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi One, Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Fanta Orange, Canada Dry are all here, but I noticed a very slight sweetness in there taste. And these are all the sodas they have,not the many we have back home.

2. Ketchup is the same but it is slightly sweeter than back home.

3. Burger King, McDonald’s and KFC are here.

And lastly being here in the city enough people speak English here that you can get by if you had to. But I still try and speak the Slovak I know, and they recognize that I do not have an accent and speak to me in English anyway it is neat. Now rural towns and villages I have heard that not many people speak English. Anyway I hope this informed you, and I will talk to you soon. God bless and good luck!”


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