Righters Block.

I seem to have writer’s block. Seth Godin says that since we don’t ever get talker’s block that it is logical to conclude that writer’s block must be something else. And as i think about that I’m inclined to belive that writers bloch is actually just mispelled; that actually a much more appropriate term would be (at least in my case) righter’s block. I am afraid of sounding foolish. Even the stuff that comes out of my mouth at times is simply  a rehearsed monologue that i practiced with no great awareness and which eventually just came flying out og my mouth and i said to myself “lee, you dummy, you did it again”. at least with the written word I can edit. But I’m not going to do that. For today ( dang, the day’s almost over) what you see is what you get. No spell check. No grammer chack. No thesaurus, dictionary or  caps check, punctuation be skiddley bop bopped.


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