Falling? In Love?

Life presents all who possess it, two feelings; they are Love and Fear.

We are by virtue of all which defines life, controlled by Fear and rescued if we choose, by Love.

Love is the absence of Fear.

Love is a spiritual thing.

Love is there for us always; it never deserts us.

We desert ourselves daily by choosing entertainment and ignoring Love.

Instead of nourishing ourselves by acknowledging Love and the Joy its use provides us, and by ignoring the opportunity to share Love by passing it on to others for whom discontent is a common thirst, we reach not for the Fruit from the Tree of Higher Branches but for a closer fruit, a shinier fruit, a fruit glistening with the sparkle of irresistible promise; we reach for the Apple of Happiness..

We wallow in Self-Indulgence.

Fear, which is fraught with impatience, urges us to reach for the first remedy that catches our sight. We reach for the easy substitute for Love; we reach out for Happiness.

Who in their right mind would not want to be happy? We are tempted by it every day of our lives and have been ever since Eve, the Mythical Mother of us all experienced a bite of this forbidden fruit; a clone of which dangles barely within our reach.  As our fingers wrap around this fruit it easily slips  from our grasp. This mythical Apple of the Ages is called Happiness.

Happiness is such a wonderful feeling. Happiness has one very odd attribute however; it seems to exist only in our memory. When happiness arrives, we savor it not. Rather, we reach further with the madness that compelled nineteenth century miners to work around the clock in their search for the ultimate provision of Happiness, that elusive gift of the soil called Gold. Happiness, however it appears to us at any given time, doesn’t last but whereas we seem to control Happiness to some degree, we have no control over Love.

Love is a Spiritual Thing. Did you think it was a human thing? Every human activity has a purpose, a reason, an agenda. The reason, the purpose, the agenda seek only to overcome Fear. These are the only two feelings by the way, The two emotions, Love and Fear. We can talk about that later okay, but for now let’s suppose that this statement is every bit as logical as I claim that it is and understand that among all the dozens of definitions by Webster and Oxford and Wikipedia there is only one that is authentic. If asked to define Love most people will choose conflicting ideas. But show a dozen people a dozen definitions of this word and they will choose the one definition that states that Love has as its purpose, the aim of Selfless Giving and that getting Anything AT ALL in return can spoil the Gift. That being said, Love is obviously not a Human thing.

But how can that be? We’ve all felt Love. We all know that Love is the most incredibly wonderful feeling that there could ever be. And yet……why do we speak of  “falling” in love. Falling lacks purpose. Falling has no agenda. Falling is dangerous. Falling is always an accident. Falling can cause great pain. Falling? In Love?


One thought on “Falling? In Love?

  1. Interesting perspective, but I certainly see love (rather than Love) as something human, and certainly not divine. But it is even more beautiful and complex in its simplicity and ordinariness.

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