Everybody knows that

The phrase “everybody knows that” is one of the most commonly used phrases in the English language. Everybody knows that.

Another is “Great minds think alike.” Everybody knows that also.

And, what about Introverts? Introverts are usually called loners or hermits. A habit of loners and hermits is of course, to spend a lot of time alone. Everybody knows that. This is often referred to in common, ordinary, everyday English as “vegetating” or “veging”. Veging is self destructive behavior. Ask anyone. Everybody knows that.

And what about this group that is often referred to as Everybody? Does this group include loners and hermits? Isn’t this term “Everybody” an all-inclusive term? Whom do I ask? Anybody? And, of course now I am wondering……..is “anybody” included as a member of “everybody” or is “anybody” a hermit? Or a loner?

I wish that I had “somebody” I could ask. But then again how would I know if “somebody” is part of “Everybody?”

Good grief, I’m starting to sound like that fifties crooner; whatsisname, Perry Como: “Everybody needs somebody sometime…….” . Did I get that right? Who shall I ask? NOBODY!!!

(Every underlined statement in this essay is totally illogical and must therefore be considered to be false. Nobody knows that.)


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