Sometimes its good to be silly

I am certain there is too much certainty in the world.  Michael Chrichton.

Sometimes its good to be silly.  Mother Broom.

They say I am colorblind. Mother Gettings.

I believe that we should believe less……………….and discover more.

I believe that blue is blue. My friend believes it is green.

I believe that I was alive yesterday. Can I prove it?

Can I learn from it?

I believe that if bluebirds were large enough, there would be no humans.

What can I learn from that? That some people have never seen a blue bird? Certainly if the statement were true, then it would also be true at least, that no living person had ever seen a bluebird.

And then, perhaps there are no bluebirds. Perhaps they really are green. I think I’ll eat a bean.

Will that be a green bean?  Or a blue one? (I’d eat the bird but I’m a vegan.) Perhaps someday there will be a birdtree. What color will it be?


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