Straight Lines and Silliness

Sometimes I wonder where all the stars and planets in the universe would go if they failed to be pulled from their otherwise, perfectly straight path. Of course with each object in the universe following its own straight path would mean that every rock no matter what its size, every ball of gas, no matter how big or how hot would all be running away from each other, in which case one must then wonder, if there is nothing in the universe close to Big Rock number 2 to the 5M power, there would be nothing with which to compare the straightness of its path. Right? And given that all these rocks and stars space dust particles are flying away from each other, would they eventually wither away to nothing? Would they all meet again in the same instant and form the Mother of all Black Holes?

In case you are wondering why I am asking these silly questions, I have been buried in tutorials all day, looking for better ways of using the internet to earn a living.

So why are you reading my silly questions. Perhaps unlike mine, there was some order to your education and you’d like to stop for a moment and leave a comment?  Thanks for stopping by.

PS: Under such circustances would the space dust be flying speck by individual speck on their own individual paths? And also, is it possible that this is actually what is happening? Naaaaah.


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