Another Toad Licker From the Big Hazy

I heard from Bill again, last night. He and Sadie seem to be at the end of  whatever it is they have had together for nearly twenty years. They had another shout-out it seems. And he’s feeling guilty as usual. But something is very different, he told me. For the second time in nearly two decades he noticed something about Sadie he had never known before. Both times he was out of control with rage unlike anything that they had ever shared together. On each of those occasions, when any sane woman (his words) would have been scared out of their wits, Sadie was gloating and her demeanor was absolutely sadistic. he said she had a gleam in her eye and a smile on her lips

“She’s nuts and she really wants to hurt me. What do I do.” Well, I couldn’t or wouldn’t tell him what to do but I did mention that he was describing sociopathic behavior, that this kind of behavior permitted sadness but not guilt, loss but not grief and that he himself, was so narcissistic that he was easily manipulated with compliments. And “speaking of ‘nuts’ ” I asked “what do you call screaming and beating your chest like a gorilla from the proverbial mist”. And that’s when he mentioned that he used to be aware of the fact that she bombarded him with flattery but that he had succumbed to believing it all and had actually come to expect it.

“So what are you going to do?” I asked.

“I’m gonna go lick a  toad”. said Bill and he hit the disconnect button on his cell phone. He told me he’d call back today but so far he has not.


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