Bubble Wrap

I think that I’m a young man in an old body.

No, I guess that’s not a true statement; I am an old man, yes I am.

But now that I have discovered  timelessness, I feel like a young man. Actually, I feel younger than I did when I was really, really young. So yeah, back to my original statement I am just beginning to understand what it is like to be young. When I was two, I discovered roly-polys and baby chicks  (or was that later).

When I was four years of age Mother taught me about phonics and I discovered reading. When I was eleven I discovered what that strange, lighted-headed feeling was that I sometimes got when I was scooting across the tree limb high up in my mulberry haven, that towering bower that had been my second home for half my young life.

I’m still learning. I’m still reading. (I haven’t scooted around on tree limbs lately, but I’m going to Tuscon Friday, for a seminar. Perhaps I’ll find a mulberry tree there.)

Occasionally I memorize a thing or two; but really, there is so much to know and memorization is rarely adorned with the gift of understanding. I do want to comprehend the stuff that goes into my head, don’t you?

What have you learned this week?

Put it in the comment box, if you like. Go ahead, its okay.

Thanks for stopping by. Oh, I feel a poem coming on. Let’s see what it is.

Bubble Wrap


Wrapped; trapped in bubble wrap

Floating to the sky

Much too high









Bubble Wrap by Lee Broom. (I wonder what that was about.)


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