Replacing Form with Formlessness.

For those of you who have followed this blog for any length of time, you may have noticed that whether I write in prose or poetry, a one-act play or an essay, funny, sad or serious, my central theme is to think before we act; reason before we take a stand; look before we leap.

Popularity or preconceived notions threaten to influence every important issue with which we are confronted. The insidiousness of group insanity lurks in all of society, hiding in the shadows and threatening daily to destroy us from within.

Journalists who have the enormous responsibility of following the principles of objective reporting, often bow to the power of popular opinion and in so doing are gradually being replaced by anyone with a keyboard and an internet connection.

The power of organized crime polarized America in the Twenties, coming at a time of extreme vulnerability; gangs were formed, people died. Violence became a norm of societal behavior. The streets were filled with those clamoring for work, food, or a cot for the night. And we are there again. The symptoms are with us daily; lynch mob mentality is on the rise. Demands for safety supersede the dream of the fruits of a free society.

Do not allow this kind of fear based mentality to destroy you or your family.

And speaking of family, we, in America have been a light to the rest of the world declaring to all who would listen, that we are all family. Do not allow hate to fill your hearts. The exceptions to the rule are in the spotlight. The squeaky wheel has been replaced by the roar of protest, goaded by those whose egos-needs will never be satiated.

Be safe. Think. Look for TRUTH. When tempted to PROVE a point, DON’T. When in the presence of angry words, LISTEN to the pain. Do NOT argue.

Thanks for stopping by. Lee.


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