A Mystery.

” “It doesn’t?’ Rhyme asked, with surprise in his eyes that was both feigned and genuine.” The Burning Wire, page 82, by Jeffery Deaver.

So, did Rhyme discover milliseconds after feigning surprise that indeed, his heart agreed with his mischievous ruse?

Perhaps I missed a previous episode in which he and Sachs took an evening course in Self Hypnosis.


with all the mind juggling, super-extra-frankenistic, multitudinous over-tasking demands on his facile, above the shoulders, always-on-the-alert, synaptic, neurotransmitting, cranial facility, was Rhyme simply temporarily losing the ability to make such an ordinary decision,  opting just this once, to allow both motives to accompany the arrangement of facial muscles and see how it turns out.


Now I get it. “surprise in the eyes”……..

It was a Rhyme rhyme.

Sorry about that Mr. Deaver.


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