Good Luck With That

If you are of the opinion that your actions are predetermined directly by conscious thoughts, try to devote some time to utter a simple statement (or if you’re truly gutsy, something a little more complex than say, a grocery list) giving each word some thought as to the appropriateness of each word; “should I be using a synonym? Is this word going to offend someone? Did I place the right amount of lilt to my sentence melody? What’s a sentence melody?

See how far you get with that.

Then sit down to a word processor and see how long it takes to complete the same task with a different statement.

My guess is that you will have a whole new respect for the unconscious mind: that after a few repetitions of this application perhaps you will notice that some of what leaves your lips with such heretofore unnoticed spontaneity is familiar to you in surprising ways. If you are truly focused you may notice that things you say to certain people are often duplicates of remarks made years ago to another; someone who played the same role in your life as one who is near you today. You may discover a new word and wonder from whence it came only to hear it used three times on television the following evening.

Give yourself a well focused week with this assignment and you may just begin to wonder if any of your actions are directly related to your thoughts at all. “I think I shall do such and such” and then do it.

Good luck with that.

If you are wondering about the sanity of your research, that part is easy.

Ask around.


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