Falling In Love.

I believe I have two major Life  choices available to me at all times; I get to choose between the two Greatest Powers known to mankind. I recognize them as Love and Fear. Some say Good and Evil. I do not dispute that.

Fear comes naturally. I never actually have to choose it; it chooses me. It is the most essential part of me. Fear directs me to millions of sub-choices in the worldly system of gathering knowledge in the forms of Art, Science, Technology, Philosophy and Religion.

All these things are helpful in assisting the growth of my physical, psychological and even my spiritual well-being. But accepting Fear as my Savior also provides a very heavy Cross to bear and that is Guilt. Left festering, Guilt can accelerate to Terror and worse. I want no more of that. I accept (at least for the moment) the Love with which we identify God. If I forget this there are plenty around me who will gladly remind me of my current lack of awareness; my great-grandchildren for example.

Love does not choose me as does Fear. It doesn’t choose me; it IS me. It IS me but I do not control it; I’ll explain that in a moment. I choose Love many times a day but it is a choice only in the sense that I am choosing to acknowledge Love’s existence. My best friends are BE STRONG males who have been taught by their fathers not to give in to feelings. Love is a feeling but it is much more than that. I believe that Love is another label for God. And by refusing to acknowledge the greatest Power known to man, I am choosing to tread a very dangerous path unaided by my connection to the rest of All Existence.

In conclusion, I don’t believe that God punishes us, though by failing to acknowledge Love we lapse into guilt and self loathing at a moment’s notice. What worse punishment can there be?  Behavioral scientists can even determine personality traits by the physical ailment s of their clients.

I believe that Love is sufficient to erase any problem as though it never even existed. I believe also that when we are busy solving our own problems that we quickly lose our awareness of Love’s presence. Love is always there but if we truly want the full benefit we need to focus on Love rather than perceived problems.  And since Love means helping others without expectation of anything in return, well……………..

The phone just rang. Somebody Loves me.


5 thoughts on “Falling In Love.

  1. Lee, couldn’t leave this without a comment. Humans do have a natural affinity with fear and the blessing is once we know that, see if for what it is – we can choose LOVE as you say. One of the biggest thrills in life is conquering our fears, to face them and see it wasn’t an issue after all. On the other side of fear is a whole lot of fun. And yes, I’m with you, you go on and encourage those guys to stop kidding themselves and to really get in touch with love:) You’ll do the world a favor!

    • Thanks Janet. I slipped from my moors today amd let an old friend “have it”. I know the Love is still there but I will feel disconnected until I can find an honest way of making amends. (I’m not a big fan of apologies. We both do a lot of community service. Some of what we each do ticks the other off. You came along at exactly the right time to brighten my day. Bed-time, doolyabba. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

      • Lee, seeing you mentioned it – apologies are hugely misunderstood. You’re correct and in fact on the right track “not being a fan of apologies”. Why it is so important to understand how life works – to understand quantum physics. If we are all creating our reality – something that science has in fact proved – then there is nothing to apologize about. Too involved to explain in one comment, but your friend is creating his life – even his interactions with you. In the same way you are creating your life in saying something you’d rather not.
        And then we learn from the interaction. Not to say we use this as an excuse to beat up on others however 🙂 Ultimately we want to stop reacting involuntarily, we want to be at peace with all situations, but that is our journey – one we must love ourselves into. Approve of yourself for who you are, never find fault with yourself. We do our best in each circumstance and that should be enough.
        Anyway, something for you to ponder.
        Have a beautiful day.

      • Wow, thanks Janet. It is 630 here in Scottsdale. I’m sitting on the patio with my oats and berries saying hello to Mr and Mrs Gambel, the quail family. They will disappear for a while and some morning in a few weeks, Mom wil reappear with five new chicks showing them where to peck and hustling them back into the oleanders at the first sign of danger. Love heals wherever it is found, it seems. I’l be off to a meeting of 50 of my buddies an a few minutes. Hopefully my friend Dan will be there and we can do some mending. Later.

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