Mr. Pistoffalotte Strikes Back.

One angry moment a few months ago, after a mutual stream of interactive sarcasm I recieved this in an email.

“Anger helps straighten out a problem like a fan helps straighten out a pile of papers.” –Susan Marcotte


7 thoughts on “Mr. Pistoffalotte Strikes Back.

    • Hi female human. I accidentally clicked when I should have clacked. I hope I didn’t lose ya. The “it” that you refer to: If you mean the funny remark, yes. It made me feel better. In fact I just now returned from a meeting where the subject was anger. I told the story, related the quote, we all laughed and yes, I think we all were better for it. At least the laughing did us all some good i would say. Thanks for stopping by Neha. Is that what your friends call you?

  1. Thanks Amanda Jane, I am fortunate to be surrounded by friends who can laugh at themselves. I have a smiley on aol that I often use, The face is wearing dark glasses. Mr. Cool is saying with his smile, “I can lose my eyesight but never my vision, the image but never the focus, the dream but never the smile.” I’ll be having eye surgery in a week or so. I’m told that the odds of losing the sight in that eye are about the same as for dramatic improvement. The left eye has pretty much succumbed to glaucoma. I am a designer. But guess what; I am a writer, a sculptor a musician and the best part of all, a grandfather.

    • Nicely said Lee! I wish you the very best of luck with your surgery, but something tells me you’re going to fight your way through it to a victorious end 😉 Keep us informed of how it went… perhaps you will blog about it!

  2. Since our last chat a friend of many years was the recipient of two emergency brain surgeries revealing a large, weepy tumor. Even an athiest buddy of mine is praying on her behalf. Kinda makes my own forthcoming knifery event seem puny by comparison. I wrote a poem for Jeannie today and posted it a few minutes ago. Even in her induced sleep she contributes. Her enormous family of friends is growing. Catchya later A.J.

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