MEADOWLARK HILL (I’ve got my love to keep me warm)


That one lone tree on Meadowlark Hill; The song its tenants sang

The laugh and coo of newborn tots, reflecting yin and yang

The memories are distorted, the silence now a roar.

I left; here’s what they told me; return some day for more

More is what I needed; more became Amor.

Emotion came to greet me, My heart began to soar

Amor became commitment, commitment to the Source

The Source became the Doorway revealing an Inner Force

One day I’ll want to visit; pay respects to Meadowlark Hill

And mingle with the Tenants as through open beaks they trill

And remind me of the joy I found, That day on Meadowlark Hill.


2 thoughts on “MEADOWLARK HILL (I’ve got my love to keep me warm)

  1. I LOVE this! “The laugh and coo of newborn tots, reflecting yin and yang”, “More is what I needed, more became Amor” etc etc etc – brilliant. Makes me want to go there myselt. Great stuff!

    Amanda 🙂

  2. In group meditation settings, so popular during the eighties, attendees were often asked to picture a stream and then a clearing and then a lone tree at the top of a hill. That poem was described an actual day in my eleventh year. I listened to the meadowlarks and experimented until I could reproduce their distinctive warble as my tongue bouncing off the roof of my mouth interrupted the second note creating a third by default and finally the fourth. A few minutes earlier while it was still raining, I had camped beneath the acorn arbor throwing nuts into the stream. As the sun came out the squirrels lured me from my lazy spot and I climbed Meadowlark Hill. (That hill had no name the day before. Today it is only a memory; it was scraped and leveled and children have played there for two generations.) Surrounding the lone elm was what appeared to be a circle of freshly mowed grass, short by contrast to the surrounding, waist high prairie grass, short by virtue of the protective reach of the limbs above. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem. You would have loved having a picnic on Meadowlark Hill.

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