A Castle, a Tent, a Hillside Retreat and a Stable. Home, Sweet Home.

Slides from channel 5 newscast on my friend Kamal Amin last night. http://www.kpho.com/slideshow?widgetid=52277

I’ve been helping Kamal Amin, Internationally recognized Architect, Structural Engineer and Author  make the transition of moving from his famous residence into a converted stable a few blocks from me. We’ve been close friends for half my life. He has contributed much. He contributes still. It was his attitude of relative indifference to material things that helped me make a similar transition in recent years.

Raised in a home in Cairo, Egypt that was of such immense proportions that there were bicycles on each floor to manage getting from one end to the other,  I met Kamal as he was  ending more than a decade of living in a tent in the Arizona desert. That was 1977. A few years later he built the home which he is now leaving for someone new to enjoy.

Kamal began a new career a few years ago as a writer with three books to his credit. The first was REFLECTIONS FROM THE SHINING BROW, My Years with Frank Lloyd Wright and Olgivanna Lazovich. For a year or so before this first book was published, Kamal and I took weekly desert walks among the cactus littered sands north of his home and we talked. Though unknown to each of us we were bouncing ideas off each other which would soon turn up in our writings. A year or so after the release of this popular page-turner  Kamal Amin compiled a collection of essays entitle EXCURSIONS. More recently he gave us Women of the Nile. dedicated “To the Goddess Who Resides in Woman’s Soul and Infuses Her With the Energy Which Saves Us All”.

I hope this last book becomes a movie in Kamal’s lifetime. I’ve read it four times, one time aloud. Yes, I was reading to myself, aloud. That’s another story. be patient, please.


2 thoughts on “A Castle, a Tent, a Hillside Retreat and a Stable. Home, Sweet Home.

  1. Since posting this article, I interrupted Kamal Amin as he was talking on the telephone with Jehan Sadat, Widow of Anwar Sadat. Mr.Amin said that Mrs Sadat had just completed reading “Women of the Nile” for the third time and that she too thought that this book would make a great Motion Picture.

  2. I was reminded to assure my readers that “the Stable” is no longer a stable. it is in fact, a lovely place to live in a beautiful neiborhood and though he has not yet spent the night in his new digs, the place bears Kamal Amin’s imprint and will go down in history as Kamal Amin lived here. I once lived there. (no one says that about me. Dang.)

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