Who Wants to Know?

My friend.
(Her name for now I shan’t reveal.)
Is losing precious moments.
Her kin avers that nothing is repealed.

Short-term memory can be tested.
A simple test.
An hour or two.

(Knowledge of course, does not always come with a hug or a handshake.)

Arms  folded ‘cross my chest, do I protect myself? From what?  From  those who’d shield their mother from the drama foretold by the intruder? (“We hear he is an atheist.”)

The hug is not for me but for my friend; will we ever hug again?

Her adult children appear to fear the unknown. (Or is it I?)

Who wants to know the truth about tomorrow?
Who wants to know the truth?
Who wants to know?

Notice the darkness. Even the absence of light has something to say.  “Give it time.” (hear it speak) “Your eyes will adjust. More will be revealed.”

My friend and I have been so close.
Ignorance threatens to intrude.

Must I let go?
Let go?

Let go.

For now.


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