Convenience, Thrift, Fairness, Freedom? What are you willing to lose?

Convenience vs. Thrift

Convenience vs. Freedom

Fairness vs. Freedom


What are we willing to give up in return for a life of convenience?

At what point do we begin to believe that convenience is a birthright?

What are the conveniences that we expect? A home? A new car every three years?  A guaranteed income? Free healthcare?

Who do we blame when our credit cards no longer work? When our student loans default? When we can no longer pay the mortgage? The government of the people? Market driven Wallstreet? The rich whose wealth is the end result of the purchases made by the rest of society?

When things go wrong in a country known to guard Freedom, who is to blame. The government? The government is you and me. The corporations? The corporations are you and me.

Is the guarantee of all these conveniences, home, dependable transportation, higher education, income, free healthcare important enough to us that we are ready to swap our freedom in order to guarantee that we will always have these things?

Who then, will be the keeper of personal integrity, honor, responsibility, service to our brother’s and sisters?

Are we really ready to give up our freedom for these conveniences?

Are there a few holdouts?

Perhaps a membership in a government run house of prostitution with sex servants representing all of the various sexual proclivities? No more having to struggle with relationships, ever again.

Who will tell you what to read? Who will tell you what to think? Who’s doing it now?

Okay, are you ready? Let’s all go find a downtown street corner to occupy. Let’s all go take a dump in Patriot Park. I’m just sayin’…………………………..


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