Trish and Chris are One and All is Well.

Accept the Love and Pass it On.

Black suits and tennis shoes?

“I love weddings; Christopher came to me a year ago and he……….”

Here comes Aiden, I remember when Barry was the ring bearer for Dixie and David. Aiden is three years old. Barry was three years old (I think. So long ago.)

Here comes the bride. (Trisha as a teen tried to heal the rift between Bill and Lee. She is such a loving person, a beautiful child; did I say “child?” I saw her and Christopher in the supermarket last month. They appeared to think that they had the store to themselves.)

Now where is Christopher? That settles it; I am definitely going to have the eye surgery.

Question asked. Promises made. I do. I do. I will. I will. You betcha.

Whoever choreographed this event is a genius.

Family of the groom, please.

You,  Short Lady, over here, please. Grandparents over here; parents in this row.

Snap. Flash.

Okay, Thanks everyone; Family of the bride, please.

Now, where is the reception?

Formalities. Hello. I’m happy to meet you. Thank you. Hello. yes, It was a beautiful wedding.

I must have been a pirate in another life. All I can think of to say is “Shiver me timbers.”

Bouquets and garters tossed and claimed.

Everyone dances with the bride. Everyone dances with the groom.

Where’s Kelly?

Look at all those people dancing. is that Donna? She’s morphing into an elf.

The food line was not prepared for vegans but the rice and salad were delicious.

Fences were mended. Thank you Betty. Thank you Dixie,

Repressed tears released.

Bill has made his father very proud.

Father loves him more than son can ever know.

Where is Kelly?

Have you danced with Trish, they keep asking?

Introverts don’t do that. Maybe later, when no one is looking.

Julie and her husband doubled the number of children from four to eight with the aid of the adoption courts.

Barry still wonders…….. He offers to shake my hand. I love him with a hug.

Goodnight family;

I love you.



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