Leadership emerges; it is never deliberate. LEADERSHIP is spontaneous. Leadership is first known to those who follow. Those who claim to be leaders are actually Followers of the First Order; they follow better than all the other followers and are the least likely among a group of follower to be a true leader. Leaders, Followers and Followers of the First Order are equally important for survival of The Group.

THE TRUE LEADER is tuned to the adapatation to surprise events rather than to the approval of the group.

In all groups, whatever the species, there is only one leader. If more than one leader emerges, a struggle arises and continues until the problem of leadership is resolved.  If there is an appearance of multiple leaders, it is actually a hierarchy of sub groups, each with a leader (often a Follower of the First Order).

In human groups the problem of leadership is more of a struggle than in lower order communities. Though the masses have that same follow-the-leader functionality the individual members clamor and compete for a reputation as leaders. THE TRUE LEADERS are sometimes isolationists and often their followers are not known.

How do I know these things?

I don’t.

True knowledge is permanently elusive.

How do I know this?

I must’ve  heard it somewhere..


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