Will Power? What’ll We Think of Next?

I hear much of Will Power. Will and Power do not seem to me to belong together. To exercise one’s Will appears to me to be fear-motivated.

To possess a Will, one must want something.

To want something one must need something.

The God of my understanding is not a needy God.

All Knowing?

All Loving?

Those traits make sense to me. For that reason I do not subject myself
to the Will of a needy God but to the Love of a Loving God.

Love is powerful. I know of no Higher Power than Love. Do you?

Love heals. Love bonds us together as one. Love never fails though we often fail to Love. Because Love is completely unselfish it is without Will. One who Loves Unconditionally has no reason to impose restraints upon the recipient of that Love in the form of a Will that is alien to the recipient.

God loves me. (Since I believe that God is Love perhaps it is okay to say that Love “Gods” me.)

Will and Power? I don’t think so. Love and Desire?

Sounds right to me, but then what do I know?


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