Birds and Lizards and 4 Across.

I awoke a bit late, today. I missed an early morning gathering of friends. I immediately scolded myself, reaching my self-flagellation threshold in seconds and stopped to focus on my morning “Thank-you”s. That was at 7:15 am. It is now nearing noon and time to prepare lunch. But the morning has been wonderful. I’ve been on the patio watching the birds, listening to a peacock crying for its bottle, watched a cactus wren seeking building materials and a quail family who has been waiting in the oleanders for the neighborhood giant to quit what it is doing and return to its cave,

Did you read last evenings post? I spoke of the coffee maker which I designed and constructed during the preparation of yesterday morning’s breakfast. I also said I was eager to use it again. And I did. And, yes it was fun.  Breakfast was delicious; porridge made from oats, trail mix, walnuts, almonds, honey and three kinds of fresh fruit was yummy.

Normally my morning crossword takes about thirty minutes. Today was more like four hours. I am still on the patio; I completed the puzzle minutes ago.

I spent a few of these treasured minutes talking to Morris. He had a chicken in his lap. (I love birds and people who love them). Though it is believed that chickens and geckos are members of an earlier species, these beautiful, feathered critters make music and fly ( though domestication of the chickie-babes has arrested their growth in both those areas). Their scaly, lizard cousins watch in stunned silence as though ignorant of their ignorance, waiting to evolve, not understanding that they missed the boat and should learn to appreciate the entertainment being provided by their loftier ilk.

I was reunited with my son a few days ago. We do this every five years or so. I wonder if he would stop disappearing if he knew how much I love him. I Love you Son. Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much.

I’ll post this later in the day. Right now I am very hungry. Corn chowder leftovers and salad ala yesterday’s remnants of sour dough toast, coming up.

Thanks for stopping by.


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