Where does trust come from? By Seth Godin. Seth’s Blog 6.23.2012

Hint: it never comes from the good times and from the easy projects.

We trust people because they showed up when it wasn’t convenient, because they told the truth when it was easier to lie and because they kept a promise when they could have gotten away with breaking it.

Every tough time and every pressured project is another opportunity to earn the trust of someone you care about.

Thank you Seth.

I attended a meeting this morning of Fifty-Plus Business Men who exchanged ideas on the idea of trust. I was one of the dozen or so who were left out of the conversations. After the meeting as I sat in the parking lot in the cab of my Chevy Truck, I thought about the remarks I had heard and speedily scribbled wish-I-had-said notes in my shirt-pocket, spiral notebook.

I addressed the notion of trusting systems over people. I knew something was missing but eventually put my gel pen in my pocket, typed my thoughts into a Word document and scooted back to my cave. I made some lunch, called a few friends, got into my email and scanned the emailed blog announcements of my favorite bloggers.  And there you were with a typical, man-of-few-words remark on the subject of my morning meeting of Fifty-Plus Business Men.

Thanks again Seth. And, thank you Reader for stopping by.  Lee Broom


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