Happy Independence Day

 There was a family Independence Day tradition when I was a boy, which seemed to fade after my great, great-grandmother died in 1953. I’d like to share it.
Our forefathers fought for the kind of life that would end oppression. They fought for our Independence, our Freedom, our birthright of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. A great patriot, Patrick Henry was one of the revolutionaries best remembered for this point of view. His words “Give me Liberty or give me death” were quoted at our families Independence Day breakfast table when I was a boy. My great-grandmother, Albina Mary Henry-Oakes who in 1951 usurped and occupied my bedroom until her death in 1953, often spoke to me about this man. She always referred to him lovingly as “my dear, dear, Great, Great Grandfather Patrick”. A cherished memory for Great, Great Grandmother. A cherished memory for her great, great-grandson, Bobby Lee Henry-Oakes-Broom.
From Dixie by Lee Broom.

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